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Low Cost Underbody Sheeting


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Low Cost Polypropylene Sheeting for Underbody Protection for Rally Cars


Stone chips, dirt, ice and sand can batter the weakest and exposed corners of the underbody of your performance machine.  This not only puts you potentially out of the race but can cost very dearly in repairs and replacements.

As an alternative to our high-performance KAYLAN range we also offer a low cost alternative for underbody protection and is available in different thicknesses depending on the application and environment.  For wheelarch lining and light duty underbody the ideal thickness would be 1mm-2mm thickness.  For slightly heavier medium protection weight for tank guards and underbody  skids then the 3mm upwards is needed.  We do supply thicker sheets for heavier duty protection but as these sheets cannot be rolled up and therefore we need to quote shipping on a day to day basis so please call to order these. Sheet sizes are 8ft x 4ft.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 2438 x 1219 x 1 cm

Black, White

Sheet Size

8ft x 4ft


1mm, 2mm, 3mm