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Motorsport Sheeting For Mudflaps and Underbody Protection


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Your rally car gets pushed to the absolute limit when racing with up to 500 bhp being forced through the wheels alone.  Stone chips, dirt, ice and sand can batter the weakest and exposed corners of the underbody of your performance machine.  This potentially not only puts you out of the race but can cost very dearly in repairs and replacements.  KAYLAN is designed to resist even in the most demanding of environments and this is the reason why rally teams that spends millions of pounds in building wining machines choose KAYLAN.

Kaylan’s underbody protection is available in different sized sheets and in different thickness depending on the application and environment.  For protection in a light-duty Tarmac environment we recommend a thickness of a minimum of 2mm but ideally 3mm.  We do an intermediate thickness of 4mm before the 5mm thickness which is suitable for racing on gravel.  Our thickest underbody sheeting for rally underbody protection is 6mm in our Safari Dakar Range.  If you are going to use the sheeting to cut your own mudflaps then the MSA regulations for mud flaps stipulate that they must be a minimum of 4mm thick.

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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White

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3100 x 610 x 2mm, 1550 x 601 x 3mm, 3100 x 610 x 3mm, 4000 x 640 x 3mm, 1550 x 610 x 4mm, 3100 x 610 x 4mm, 4000 x 640 x 4mm, 1550 x 610 x 5mm, 3100 x 610 x 5mm, 4000 x 640 x 5mm, 1550 x 610 x 6mm, 3100 x 610 x 6mm, 4000 x 640 x 6mm