The 21st of October, 2015 is a date firmly etched into the minds of the fans of the time-travelling Delorean in Back to the Future.  Of course, this was the future date that Marty and the professor travelled to in the future in the 1980’s blockbuster. Social media lit up in 2015 with posts comparing Speilbergs’ predictions with the reality.  The reality is that we nearly got the hoverboard but not quite and we’re still all waiting for 3D images that jump out of advertising hoardings without 3D glasses but hey, we got the internet and they didn’t predict that.

The Toyota WRC Rally Car 2017

So now, albeit not with the same span of time, we can look back on the FIA’s predictions from just a few years ago to see how right they got it.   Back in 2013 the FIA predicted that the World Rally Car would be “Dynamic, distinctive, powerful and […] potent”  in 2017.

They were even bold enough to visualise this provoking image with an artist’s digital impression of what we could hope to expect.   The exciting image certainly was a large step away from the cars rallying at that time but just how accurate were they?  We’ll let you decide.

The rally car of the future

What Did the Future of Rally look like in 2013?
Article Name
What Did the Future of Rally look like in 2013?
The FIA made some predictions back in 2013 about the what rally cars would be like in 2017. Find out if they were right.
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