For those of you that know us through the rally and motorsports world then you’ll know that we’ve never had a separate website for our KAYLAN underbody protection products.  Most of you have had to order over the phone and the only info that was available was through our generic website  Of course, our main website dedicated to polyurethane and plastic components for the Mining, Aerospace and Marine is still online but we appreciate that this is of little interest to most of you but please do pass by if it is.

Many of you rallyheads have told us, to our shock and horror, that you are not interested in the sub-zero capabilities of our wear parts for mining booms.  You say that you just want to order your products from a dedicated site with no fuss.  Well voila!

So now you can order all of you moulded rallyflaps and high-performance  sheeting for underbody protection for
• Trailing Arms, Gearbox, Rose Joints, Toe Links, Differential and General Underbody Protection
• Wheel Arch Lining
• Engine and Gearbox Mounts
• Bushes and Bumpstops
• Sump and Tank Guards

For those of you who would like to take a look at the full range of services at KAY-DEE Engineering Ltd. then take a look at our video below

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